Demolition is often the first step in realizing your vision for a new and improved building or interior space. Both residential and commercial building owners from across the Toronto area have trusted us since 2006 to perform this service safely and professionally.

Whether we are demolishing an entire structure or just the interior of a building, our crews understand that they are part of the process in helping you achieve this vision and will treat your property with the utmost respect and professionalism – salvaging as many reusable materials as possible as well as anything that may be of sentimental value to you.

Of course with any demolition project, safety must be a top priority as asbestos, gas pipes, electrical wires and hydro lines are all potential hazards of the job. Both the specialized nature and unique dangers of this job make it imperative that you only hire trained, insured professionals.


Why choose us over your other demolition contractors?


Demolition is often the first step in realizing your vision for a new and improved space.


Our crew understands that they are part of the process in helping you achieve your vision.


We try our best to salvage any reusable and recyclable materials during demolition.


Whether the job is large or small, M3C Demolition provides great professional services.

  • A very successful project! Matthew takes great pride in his company and really conducts the men well. The guys are clean, professional, & quick at getting the job done. Can not wait to work with you guys again.

    Richard Fraiser
  • Had the pleasure of having the guys at M3C Demolition work on our dream house makeover. They were so helpful, quick and went out of their way to make sure the job got done and within our budget. I highly recommend Matthew and his crew!

    SV Babian
  • I hired M3C demolition to gut out our house in the west-end of Toronto. The guys did an amazing job!!! We would definitely recommend Matthew and his crew to anyone looking for demolition services.

    Samantha Tripe



Renovations and re-models often require some interior demolition. This is a specialized job which involves removing a few or many components of the interior while leaving the exterior of the building intact. Reasons for interior demolition may include the removal of mold or asbestos; making a building wheelchair accessible; or repurposing or redesigning the interior.

It may include removing drywall, concrete walls or stud walls as well as removing slabs and digging floor trenches.

As with any of the jobs that we perform, careful planning and preparation will be involved both to provide maximum safety of our crew and to ensure that the job is done to your satisfaction. Because every job is different, the entire demolition process must be planned out in advance so that any safety hazards are removed or avoided and to prevent damage to other areas.


Most people, when they think of demolition, think of structural demolition – that is the destruction of an entire building either through the use of explosives or specialized machines such as articulated haulers, excavators and compactors.

It is not always possible or feasible to continue using or to reuse a building. For a variety of reasons, the safety or usefulness of a building may have been compromised to the point where it is too costly to restore and one is better off to simply start from scratch.

In such cases, it is best to have the site fully remediated and prepared by a professional demolition crew. Among the services that we offer when performing a structural demolition are conventional or explosive demolition, plant closures and dismantling as well as earth moving and soil remediation. No matter what type of job, we always strive to perform it in the most professional and safe manner possible and we will salvage whatever reusable materials we can. Whether you require full demolition of an entire building or the intricate job of interior demolition, M3C is here to help and to ensure a job that you will be happy with. This commitment is the reason why we have been successful in serving Toronto home and business owners for nearly ten years.


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