Concrete Cutting

State of the Art Equipment for all of Your Concrete Cutting

Concrete Cutting

M3C has the experienced crews and state of the art equipment necessary for all of your concrete cutting and concrete chipping needs. Our professional crews are trained, licensed and insured. You can have peace of mind knowing that we will get the job done efficiently and safely. Doing a great job and satisfying our customers is our top priority.

Through the use of water-cooled diamond tools, we eliminate dust or the potential for damage to other parts of the structure. Our concrete cutting services include diamond wall cutting. This is for situations where you need a hole cut in concrete in order to install an extra window, door or HVAC unit. This is a precise technique which can be done without any vibration which might otherwise affect the surrounding concrete.

When cutting into a wall, it is very important that we have enough access to bring in our equipment. We will discuss the details of what we require before commencing the job. Also, it is important to make sure that all items be moved away from both sides of the wall that we are cutting. A minimum of a five foot radius is recommended.

Concrete Cutting Process

Cuts can be made as much as twelve inches in depth – meaning that if we have access to both sides, cuts can be as much as 24 inches in depth.

We can also cut into foundations if the building owner requires access to crawl spaces or basements for any additions. Additionally, we can cut and remove slabs of asphalt or sidewalk concrete on the property for the home owner. We cut straight and precise trenches so that it is easy to replace with new concrete or asphalt. Although the process, can be quite noisy, our professionals will ensure that the job is done safely. Many homeowners and business owners are also pleasantly surprised that many jobs can be completed within a matter of hours. This means that doors, windows or HVAC fixtures can be installed the same day by the contractor so that there are no concerns about security.

Concrete Chipping

Many jobs that involve concrete removal start with a process called concrete chipping. This involves breaking up the concrete and removing it in several small portions. Before we begin any concrete chipping, we inspect the area for any cracks or defects which may be used as a starting point. We then use an electric or air-powered chipping hammer to remove the concrete.

Clean up is an important part of our job. Our crews will never leave you with a mess on your hands. As with any of the jobs that we perform, safety is a top priority. It is of utmost importance that we are aware of any electrical wiring or gas or plumbing pipes be located and marked before we begin. Our commercial and residential clients have been trusting M3C for their demolition needs since 2006.

And it is no wonder. Our highly trained crews of licensed and insured professionals take great care during every step of the process to ensure that each job goes smoothly and suits the needs of our customers.

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