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M3C Demolition is a leader in residential demolition in the Toronto area and homeowners in the GTA have trusted us since 2006 for their demolition needs. Whether we are demolishing an entire structure or just the interior of a building, our crews understand that they are part of the process in helping you achieve your vision and will treat your property with the utmost respect and professionalism – salvaging as many reusable materials as possible as well as anything that may be of sentimental value to you.

Often when people think about demolition, they envision the destruction of the entire building. While this may be the case for some projects (such as when a building has been deemed unsafe after a fire or if the owner wishes to remove an older structure so that they can build new), very often in the case of residential demolition it only involves part of the building (such as when the owner is planning a retrofit or remodel).

Selective Demolition

Selective demolition is the process of carefully and methodically dismantling a home (or other building) rather than simply rushing in and “sending in the wrecking ball”. There are two reasons for this.

Safety is the first reason. On any demolition job, there are potential hazards such as electrical wires, gas pipes and hydro lines. On many older homes, asbestos can also be a huge problem. If a crew were to knock down a building filled with asbestos, without taking the proper safety precautions it could expose both the workers as well as anyone else in the vicinity which would put them at risk of developing mesothelioma. When working with older homes, selective demolition is a must.

The second reason for selective demolition is to salvage recyclable and reusable materials and fixtures. This can not only save the homeowner money, but it also keeps more materials out of our landfills.

Retrofit Demolition

When the homeowner wishes to remodel their house, either to make it more energy efficient, wheelchair accessible, or for some other purpose, retrofit demolition is often part of the process. This involves demolishing parts of the interior of the home while leaving the structure intact. It also involves preserving and sorting any materials that can be reused or recycled.

Retrofit demolition may include removing drywall, concrete walls or stud walls as well as removing slabs and digging floor trenches. As with any of the jobs that we perform, careful planning and preparation will be involved both to provide maximum safety of our crew and to ensure that the job is done to your satisfaction. Because every job is different, the entire demolition process must be planned out in advance so that that any safety hazards are removed or avoided and to prevent damage to other parts of the home.

Our residential clients have been trusting M3C for their demolition needs since 2006. And it is no wonder. Our highly trained crews of licensed and insured professionals take great care during every step of the process to ensure that each job goes smoothly and suits the needs of our customers.

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