Commercial Demolition

Your commercial demolition job is done properly and professionally


Commercial demolition has unique challenges and considerations from residential demolition. Size of buildings, potential for asbestos and proximity to nearby structures as well as roadways must all be taken into account.

Using state of the art equipment, our crews are qualified, licensed and insured to make sure that your commercial demolition job is done properly and professionally. Your job may involve structural demolition such as in the case of one plant being removed to make room for a new one, or it may also involve interior demolition such as in cases where an office building (or other commercial building) must have asbestos removed or renovated to be wheelchair accessible.

Careful planning and preparation are the first steps of any job to ensure the safety of our workers as well as the safety of members of the general public who may be nearby. A full evaluation of the site will be performed in order to determine the exact planning and techniques that should be used for your job.

Industrial Demolition

When a plant has closed and is sitting empty, it is understandable that people will ask about why it can’t be sold and used for another purpose rather than having an industrial demolition crew come in to remove it. And sometimes that building really can be used for another purpose. But more often than not, the plant was built to the specifications of a specific company or type of company and if a new company moves to the city, they want to build a new plant because they have their own specifications that they would like their factory to meet.

Through industrial demolition, materials of the old plant can be salvaged for reuse or recycling and the ground can be prepared for a new plant or structure. In fact, in some cases the revenue from the sale of salvaged materials can even exceed the cost of demolishing the building.


Some industrial projects also involve the removal of compressor foundation, pulp chest removals etc. M3C is a leader in providing experienced crews to remove these items with the utmost attention to safety and environmental consciousness.

The use of diamond wire sawing is key as it allows precision cuts without vibration thus making sure that surrounding structures and buildings are not damaged or compromised. Keeping dust and debris to a minimum is also an important element of protecting both people and property in the area. Of course with any demolition project, safety must be a top priority as asbestos, gas pipes, electrical wires and hydro lines are all potential hazards of the job. Both the specialized nature and unique dangers of this job make it imperative that you only hire trained, insured professionals.

Our industrial and commercial clients have been trusting MC3 for their demolition needs since 2006. And it is no wonder. Our highly trained crews of licensed and insured professionals take great care during every step of the process to ensure that each job goes smoothly and suits the needs of our customers.

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